We are the future
of payment technology

Direct guaranteed payments B&B, B&C, C&C

Our Vision

We created a pool of smart contracts for the buyer and seller, you just need to select the necessary contract and sign it with your counterpart. The platform is suitable for all types of business, private transfers, credit services, additional services are constantly tested and supplemented.

  1. Provide a simple service

    of concluding international and local contracts

  2. Remove the mistrust

    between the seller and the buyer

  3. Create a unique product

    based on complex financial instruments

Our Platform

Using our platform, users can, guaranteed to pay for any goods and services directly to the seller. Unique developments of our group: it is a pool of smart contracts + a pool of conditions (events). Each payment in our system is a guaranteed transaction of which terms are set by users, I use ready-made contracts: purchase, delivery, insurance of goods.

Our Platform
  • Delivery of goods

    The supplier is insured against non-payment or payment with long delays, after the agreed event with the Customer - the money will immediately appear on his account.

  • Insurance

    If the supplier has not fulfilled the terms of the smart contract - you instantly receive all the funds to your account back.

  • Lending to your contract

    Now you can pay for goods online at agreed terms with the supplier, with a minimum commission of 0.2-1%.

API Access

All the information of each contract is recorded and stored in the locker. The company or user can provide API access to this information - auditors, accountants, their foreign divisions, financial structures, state authorities.

API Access

A unique transaction security solution for moving funds uses an internal platform token that is issued for each contract and is valid only under this conditions.

KYC/AML Protection

KYC / AML - compliance with all necessary standards for users and companies.

Who Can Use This Service
Users to instantly send money transfers to anywhere in the world

Companies to receive payment for any goods and services from users

Company to fulfill agreed obligations, under the necessary conditions

  • dec2018
    • Development of personal user cabinets. Completion of Tokenization of the MPT project.
  • feb2019
    • Launch of the testing platform: Europe, Canada, China.
  • apr2019
    • Opening of the full functional of the system. Receiving payments in 150+ types of fiat currencies.
  • Future
    • API - for Bank
    • API - for Market Place
    • iOS wallet
    • Android wallet
Our Team
  • Andrii Kryvosheiev
    Andrii Kryvosheiev

    Education: applied mathematics ONU. The owner of the group of companies "IMGCOM" from 2001. The introduction of blockchain in the banking sector of the economy. Work with regulators.

  • Ruslan Ivanov
    Ruslan Ivanov

    CMO Karcher. 8 years of experience in building a marketing and sales department. Territory executive, Company Philip Morris. EBA(European Business Association) International

    Building a sales system in world markets, working with key partners. Scale the company into the international market.

  • Adam Kuleshov
    Adam Kuleshov

    Israeli Blockchain Association develop and empower the blockchain community of Israel. Business Developer. PhD medicine.

    Communication with the regulatory authorities of Europe, England, America, China, Japan. Work on the introduction of blockchain technology into society.

  • Olga Paladiy
    Olga Paladiy

    Auditor, head of the accounting department of the ImageCom group of companies from 2007-2018.

    Building a strong team of audit and accounting according to world standards.

  • Ludmila Pronina
    Ludmila Pronina
    UIX designer

    Designer and architect. Since 2005, she has headed the design department of the ImageCom group of companies, assistant.

  • Alex Berkovskiy
    Alex Berkovskiy

    Building banking systems, working with big data. Management of software development department: Raiffeisen Bank, Privat Bank, Pivdenny, Central Bank.

  • Olga Trimov
    Olga Trimov

    Lawyer practices. Specialization in blockchain companies since 2013.

  • Yanpolskiy Guy
    Yanpolskiy Guy

    ICO / STO Advisor | Business angel | Cryptocurrency expert since 2013.

    Mastermind in more than 10 successful start-ups since 2012. Experience: 13 years in Telecommunication: OSS Telecom LTD, Orange LTD, InterPhone LTD. Trader for 7 years at CFD, Forex, Commodities and more of 5 years crypto trader.

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